Designed for all conditions, our cots are easy to transport, to carry, to fold, to unfold, to set-up and to pack.
Three products can be used for emergency situation, with two technologies. The brochure can downloaded here.

2R_puceThe Emergency Treatment Cot is based on a simple original folding design (simple principle can be found on the original tent cot). It is very easy to set-up : less than 2 minutes to unfold.

2R_puce The Kwick Cot exists in double or simple size. For a couple, for a family or just a single one.

Emergency treatment cot
Emergency treatment cot
A versatile cot designed for multiple uses
A versatile cot designed for multiple uses

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 Emergency treatment Cot (ETC)Double Kwick cotSimple Kwick cotn
Dimensions (l x w x h) in cm216 x 79 x 43 216 x 140 x 48 200 x 74 x 48
Dimensions (l x w x h) in inches85 x 31 x 1785 x 55 x 1979 x 29 x 19
Folded (bag) dimensions (cm)86 x 83 x 20 112 x 28 x 28 100 x 18 x 18
Folded (bag) dimensions (cm)34 x 33 x 844 x 11 x 1139 x 7 x 7
Weight (kg)11.314.510
weight (lbs)253222
Maximum load capacity (kg)205227136
Maximum load capacity (lbs)450500300
Capacity (pers.)121
ColorsBlack (with orange straps)BlackBlack