Following the original off-the-ground technology, the combo (3 in 1), proposes another collection based on the same idea of camping elevation to protect from any ground danger such as animals (scorpions, snakes) or flood, or rocks and to provide more confort. The combo rethinks the tent cot : a tent, a cot or a tent cot. The tent is zipped on the cot to be elevated, or unzipped to be folded, carried ou washed.

Off-the-ground combo tent 3 in 1
3 in 1 COMBO Tent


 Combo simpleCombo XLCombo Double
Dimensions (l x w x h) in cm200 x 74 x 99213 x 84 x 102216 x 140 x 104
Dimensions (l x w x h) in inches79 x 29 x 3984 x 33 x 4085 x 55 x 41
Height from the ground (cm)48 4848
Height from the ground (in)191919
Folded (bag) dimensions (cm)109 x 25 x 23107 x 20 x 23114 x 30 x 30
Folded (bag) dimensions (in)10 x 9 x 438 x 9 x 4245 x 12 x 12
Weight (kg)11.312.719
weight (lbs)252842
Maximum load capacity (kg)136159227
Maximum load capacity (lbs)300350500
Capacity (pers.)112
ColorsGreen GreenGreen
Openings 434

Off the ground combo tent